You’re Grounded!

20 Mar

Ever get that spacey feeling? You know, that feeling of being out of sync with everything? Perhaps you may feel a little confused or chaotic? One reason you can be feeling like this is because you aren’t grounded.

There are lots of reasons why you become ungrounded. It could be because your base chakra is out of whack – think of base chakra consciousness issues such as problems with work, home, finances, individuality, survival mode, the flight or fight response, etc.  Or, it can be because of changes in the earth’s electromagnetism is throwing your earth star out of balance. It can also be  a side effect of the chaos that is happening around the globe and sometimes, even planetary alignments can disrupt your inner equilibrium.

When you are ungrounded if you tune into your aura you will probably find that either the base chakra and the earth star is out of alignment, or both are out simultaneously. Being ungrounded can be very disruptive because it affects your perception of things (your take on your inner self and the outer world), it can make you irritable and irrational, and you can miss details and make mistakes because you aren’t fully in the here and now. I know if I try driving while I am ungrounded I simply ended up getting lost, or going around in circles. As soon as I recognise that I am out of sync I pull over and do something to restore harmony and balance otherwise I kept driving around as though I am in the twilight zone.

Here is some simple practical things you can do to re-ground yourself.

*  First look to see if there is a base chakra issue that is blocking you and resolve it. If it is the result of planetary alignments or shifts if the earth’s electromagnetism then look at what the shifts are about and how they have impacted you. Meditation and talking to your guides can give you that information.Then look at how you can integrate the lessons of the shift by doing some energy work like the following:

* Balance the base chakra by using universal white light, red, and even healing blue light until to feel the blocks dissolving.

* Bring down universal light into the base chakra, and earth energy up through the earth star into the earth, water, fire and air quandrants (60cm beneath your feet) and ask to synchronise yourself to the earth’s new frequency and to the cosmos.

* Feel these energies rebalancing the earth star then take the energy up through your legs into the base and fuse it with the universal energy. Wash these energies through the base and build the energy up until if flows all the way to the spiritual body.

* Then bring down a silvery red light from the universe and wash it through the spiritual, mental, emotional and etheric body and ask to be grounded. Then flush it through the physical body until you feel the confusion, spaceness, and out of sync feeling shift.




3 Responses to “You’re Grounded!”

  1. Haylee Ruwaard March 21, 2014 at 11:45 pm #

    A great read Sue. I’m reading Psychic Kids right now and learning so much – it even confirms some of my own experiences as a child! No I wasn’t crazy it seems 😃

    • suepernatural May 20, 2014 at 1:10 pm #

      Hi Haylee,
      glad that Psychic Kids has made a difference

  2. ash March 27, 2014 at 10:09 am #

    Reblogged this on Ash's Blog.

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