Can You Change Your DNA?

2 Aug

New research suggest that words and frequency can reprogram your DNA.

Is this possible? In previous blogs I’ve mentioned that epigenetics (how ancestral memories are embedded in your DNA) works, and also that our DNA is light encoded which means our thoughts and feelings (which are vibrations of light) can affect it.  Well, it’s great to see scientists weighing in on DNA with the suggestion that by using words and frequencies we can actually change how our DNA operates. For example, we know that stress tightens the DNA and makes it loose light that has to go to another part of the body/aura to help repair you when your sick. We also know that mantras and affirmations are powerful tools that can release old patterns from the DNA to help us rewire our thinking and to heal us.  Although these ideas are well known to metaphysicians, it really wonderful when science validates it.

The following article on Russian  biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev explains the power of words on DNA.

What do you think about most of the time? What is your internal dialogue telling your DNA?  Want to change it? You can simply by using positive words and vibrations. It’s worthy trying!


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