The karmic number 0 (zero) in numerology

24 Sep

I’m going to try and write more blogs on numerology. Why? It’s fun, simple and brilliantly insightful.

To get the ball rolling I feet it’s better not to begin with life paths, or even the numbers 1–9, because you can Google these meanings to find hundreds of websites with heaps of useful information on these numbers and their meanings. Instead, I’m starting with the karmic cipher number zero. Karma? Oh yes! Oh no!


Zero has no beginning and no end. Like the Fool in the tarot, the 0 is asked to go on an adventure into the unknown. The problem is that subconsciously, there’s this little nagging thought in the back of your head warning you that you’re on the edge of a precipice and you might just fall into the abyss. The zero is a kind of abyss, it’s no man’s land until you get to the core of its mystery.

A zero can pop up in your life path number. For example, if you are a 10/1, 20/2, etc, or in your birthday number, i.e., if you’re born on the 10th, 20th or 30th day of any month. It’s never found in the pinnacles part of your chart, but it can be found in your challenges. When a 0 is found anywhere in your numerology chart it represents a karmic legacy which can be turned into a gift. The zero represents the void, the hidden and the deeper subconscious. It’s a part of us that remains unkown until we dive into its deep waters and search for the pearl. Once you’ve found the pearl, you can turn a karmic challenge into a gift. You can use it to manifest whatever you want.

I’ve got a ‘0’ in my relationship quadrant

I was born with a 0 in challenge in my relationship quadrant and for most of my life I was a mystery to people. It didn’t matter how many times I tried to explain myself, my energy deflected people. It wasn’t until I started probing deep into my inner self that I was able to discover the karma I brought forward into this life and how it played such a strong hand in my relationships. When I started working with this awareness people have found it much easier to getting to know me – I was less intimidating.

Learn numerology at the Chiara College or have a distance reading with me

Learn numerology at the Chiara College or have a distance reading with me

Look at where your ‘0’ is located

Where the zero is situated in your chart will give you a clue as to what area in your life you’ll find the challenge. This will play out as a challenge of choice. It simply means that things aren’t clear cut and you’ll probably have to delve into things to work out which preference you want to take. Other people might say, ‘just go and do it,’ but when there’s a zero it isn’t easy.

You have to learn to overcome the karmic pattern implemented by the zero, embrace it, work with it and then you can transform it. The upside is that while other people might find making choices easier, once you’ve conquered your zero, you get this fantastic lift from the universe that propels you higher.

You can then self direct your future. You’re truly gifted. That’s your reward for going boldly into the unkown karmic depths of your soul.


3 Responses to “The karmic number 0 (zero) in numerology”

  1. Geno May 13, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    My birthdate 5/19/1966 equates to a Zero “0”. If a zero is located here, what does that mean?

    • Christopher kanehailua-freitas January 21, 2017 at 10:14 am #

      You’re truly gifted. That’s your reward for going boldly into the unkown karmic depths of your soul.

      • suepernatural February 10, 2017 at 12:27 pm #

        Hi Christopher, thank you for you lovely words. Am happy to know that my blogs are appreciated.

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