Carl Williams: 22/4 and master builder!

20 Apr

In numerology, the life-path number of 22/4 connotes a Master Builder – someone who has the potential to slowly, but surely, build great things and accomplish whatever they set out to do! However, not all people choose to work their energy in the positive as was evident with the way recently deceased Melbourne gangster, Carl Williams, chose to live his life. I’d like to take a look at the person he really was and give you some insight into what’s in store for him now that he’s passed on.

Carl WIlliams, Gangster, Melbourne

Carl Williams, deceased Melbourne Gangster © 2010 The Herald Sun

Why use numbers to get insight?

Numbers are energy. Each number is associated with a positive and negative expression of psychological and emotional characteristics which shape the soul. There’s a dual side to each number and a polarity is always in operation. What you’re born to achieve, and what you actually achieve, is determined by which polarity to choose to work under – the positive or the negative aspect – and sometimes you can be working a bit of both.

Carl’s life-path number

Carl Williams was born with the life-path master number 22/4. We call this numerical signature the ‘master builder’ and in a way Carl was exactly that. He didn’t build a building, but he ‘built’ a criminal empire. The lesson for a 22/4 is to understand how to integrate stability through step-by-step processes in order to create a stable and secure foundation to build things.

To accomplish this, a 22/4 needs to learn how to work through issues of co-operation and responsibility, and how to build mutual supportive teamwork structures. Carl would have had the tremendous power to achieve or build anything he wanted. He would have had a high-voltage ‘planner’ energy about him, and I would be surprised if he didn’t waver between being eccentric and clever.

This life path also gave Carl a compelling personality and was quite enterprising, but the shadow self could also have expressed a blatant, egotistic, obsessed and highly-strung side. Carl would have felt the need to tidy-up his relationships from time to time because 22/4s can’t tolerate any possessiveness, restriction, limitation or smothering from partners.

As a parent, Carl was likely to have been very generous and giving, but at times he may have had difficulty showing his true deep emotions to those he loved. He could be very impatient, wanting everything to be done immediately.

The planner!

I don’t have the details of Carl’s time of birth, but I can have a general look at his day of birth, 13 October 1970. Carl has a north node in Pisces which really supports the theme shown in his numbers – everything was about planning! The north node is like a compass, pointing us to the mountain we need to climb in this life and to the things we need to let go of.

Carl would have had a compulsive need for order, which means he would have constantly been on the look-out for perfection, feeling that if he were able to surround himself with perfection, he would finally be able to open-up and trust people. People born with a north node in Pisces can also experience obsessive worry, over-analyse things and find faults in everything, especially when they’re young. Coupled with the ambitiousness of the 22/4 energy, this meant he was prone to suffering from the pitfalls of over-ambition such as lack of stability, inflexibility and confusion.

His nodal placement indicates that Carl would have worked better on his own, as he would have enjoyed having his own private space to ‘plan’ things.

Hidden enemies

One of the downfalls from operating a 22/4 life path from the lowest vibration is that you may suffer from time-to-time from the covert actions of other individuals, or hidden enemies, who will endeavour to pull the rug from under your feet when you’re not looking. Unfortunately for Carl the ‘hidden enemies’ did get him in the end.

What now for Carl?

There are two scenario’s for all all of us when we die: we either pass-over into another astral realm, or we end up earth bound because it’s a shock to our system that we’re dead and we don’t actually know it (and this can often happen with sudden or traumatic death).

From a psychic perspective, I actually do feel that Carl is going to be okay and that his soul is not earth bound – I even checked with guidance. However, he will check-in on his family for a while because of his concern for his daughter.

It’s important for us to understand that once in spirit, if we cross over properly, our souls don’t hold onto the lower aspects of our personality, they lose their ego. This means they are capable of forgiving their murderer, asking for forgiveness and doing their healing work.

It’s possible that in a future life Carl’s soul may return to help the people for who he ordered executions in this life time, hence balancing his Karma.

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